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When I first met Chase he was presenting ideas to me from a notepad with a number 2 pencil, page after page of scribbles, doodles and fantastic ideas. I was so moved by the sight of two simple instruments that seem to have lost their place in this modern age, digital first world, that it was a breath of fresh air to see someone who valued the simplicity of a good idea. Chase is a force for creative good, he has the ability to shock you with his ideas because they don’t follow trends, or norms, hell sometimes they are downright crazy, but after you get over the initial shock you realize the brilliance behind his work. I often tap Chase for comedic writing because he has no fear in presenting something that will make me uncomfortable which always leads to a lovely place. You can’t ever expect for Chase to just dip his toe in, if that is what you are after he is not the right guy. Chase will dive in head first, in the shallow end, and you will find yourself thanking him for it.
— CARLOS PEREZ - CD at SapientNitro
I love working with Chase. He has a keen creative mind that comes up with big, original ideas. As a copywriter, Chase is a chameleon that can write to almost any style or tone, but still think in a visual way.
— CAMERON SOANE - Art Director at Wieden & Kennedy


About Me


I grew up as the soundboard for my dad, an adman, who held storytelling and message delivery very close to his heart. For him, every story had to be presented in just. the. right. way—be it a joke (and there were many), a client pitch or a TV spot. The insight and detail behind those childhood lessons motivated me to get into the creative world, and has forever shaped the way I approach and solve creative problems today.

I’ve been in Boston for almost five years and am continually licking my chops for new opportunities that will add depth to my creative wheelhouse.

MY Value

I might be a writer by trade, but I’m no cookie-cutter creative. In fact, I dress like an account manager, think like an art director, ideate like a strategist and adapt my message to the consumer like a client. My experience spans from global ad campaigns, to a stinky candle startup in a garage, to internal marketing campaigns, to multicultural agencias. Once something is in my sights, I embrace it and soak it alllll in—one experience at a time. 

Hopefully the work on this site will give you adequate insight into how my mind works and will shed light on the value I can offer you, your company—and most importantly—your clients.


Not all my Prior experience is represented on this site.

To learn about other advertising and/or marketing projects I’ve been involved with, just ask!